With our technology, you never have to worry about lost, stolen or misused keys again. We can help you protect your assets and monitor usage with our all new keyless smartlocks. You can grant staff access to specific locations remotely via their phone. You can see exactly who’s opened your locks, how long they’ve been open, and revoke access instantly if required. You will find our smartlocks across a range of industries;

Utilities - Energy, Water, Telecommunications, NBN

Provide access remotely to utilities while keeping audit records on who accessed the site, when and how long for.

Construction - residential, commercial and civil

Grant contractors and other stakeholders access to sites all while tracking who comes and goes. Keep construction sites secure by limiting access to key personnel or contractors only.


Students and teachers can conveniently unlock facilities or lockers using their phone, and school administrators can keep track of when a lock is accessed, where it was opened and if it was relocked.

Local government

Simplify access to community facilities using an Allow Access Solution. Forget keeping track of the keys you hand out, provide access to the right users remotely and securely.

State government

Make accessing facilities and monitoring who has access to where much simpler with an Allow Access Solution. No more keys and ledgers


Tenants will love the ease and convenience of sharing access to their storage unit with friends and family members without having to lend a physical key or disclose a combination. You can manage your tenants and their storage units via LockVue®, and view reports for deeper customer insight.

Sport - facilities and assets

Staff, customers and members can easily book and if required pay for access to a sport facility or asset. You can keep track of when a lock is accessed, where it was opened and if it was relocked


Access to gates and equipment through our keyless padlock system.

Keep track of who has access to your paddocks, silos, machinery and equipment.

Postal agencies

Control access to a postal box or delivery point. Grant and revoke access to both deliverers and collectors and create a real time audit trail on usage

Shipping and ports

With many transportation companies requiring access to particular areas, our smart locks will allow you to grant access to appropriate users. Your shipments stay locked when you want them locked. They unlock when, where, and by whom you want them unlocked.


Grant access to sites remotely and securely. Eliminate the reliance on hundreds of keys or swipe cards and grant access via a user’s smartphone.


Keep track of who accesses sites through our locking systems. Eliminate the need to keep track of the keys or combinations.

Oil and gas

Eliminate the costly replacement of lost keys. Create group keys to grant contractors and companies access to sites all while tracking who comes and goes.

Real estate

Grant access to home inspections without the risk of keeping track of keys. Track who comes and goes with the ability to grant single time access.